Little Things

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We are changing the composition of Earth’s atmosphere, with profound consequences for the environment and our well-being. Tiny aerosol particles are globally responsible for much of the health effects and mortality related to air pollution and play key roles in regulating Earth’s climate via their critical influence on both radiation balance and cloud formation. The ERC Starting Grant SURFACE project will demonstrate and quantify potential surface impacts in the atmosphere, by first directly characterizing realistic atmospheric surfaces, and then trace fingerprints of specific surface properties in a hierarchy of experimental and modeled aerosol processes and atmospheric effects. Amanda Vähämäki’s «Little Things» is an auto-fictional short story where miniature-sized characters and floating nanoparticles discuss about climate change.

Nonne Prisle (researcher)

Associate Professor of Nanoparticle Physics and Surface Chemistry. B.Sc. in theoretical physics, Ph.D. in physical chemistry, Docent in atmospheric physics. Passionate about thermodynamics of environmental systems in all shapes and forms, from soap molecules on the surfaces of cloud droplets to nano-inclusions in rocks and solids, salt clusters in space, and alcohols in the sap of trees. Specializes in aerosol and surface thermodynamics and cloud microphysics. Always on the lookout for novel methods to advance our understanding of the Earth system, environment, and space. Currently leading projects related to development and application of synchrotron radiation excited spectroscopy in atmospheric chemistry and climate change (ERC StG SURFACE), new thermodynamics tools for understanding aerosol and cloud formation (Academy of Finland Fellowship SURFACE-IMPACT), and machine learning and artificial intelligence to reduce traffic related air pollution (Academy of Finland project ANTHRO-IMPACT).

Amanda Vähämäki (artist)

Born in 1981 in Tampere, Finland. In 2000 she moved to Bologna, Italy, where she attended the Academy of Fine Arts and co-founded the collective Canicola. In 2005 she published her first comic book «Campo di Babà» (The Bun Field) and was awarded the first prize at the Fumetto International Comics Festival. Since then she’s been publishing short stories in several anthologies: Canicola, Glömp, Kuti, Orang, Strapazin, Ku.!, Forresten, Drawn & Quarterly