Hateful Birds

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‘I hate Brexiteers, they betrayed my future’. Those words of an 18 year old on Brexit Referendum Night represent a growing and worrying phenomenon: electoral hostility. Electoral hostility is the set of negative feelings (frustration, anger, contempt, disgust) held towards individuals or groups as a result of their effective or perceived electoral preferences.
ERC-funded research is allowing Michael Bruter to investigate the causes and consequences of electoral hostility among individuals, groups, and society, to understand why and how does it develop over time. Michael’s innovative research methods combine a 27 country multi-level panel survey, visual, physiological and field experiments, election diaries, family focus groups, campaign and atmosphere coding.
The electoral hostility age is interpreted by Tuono Pettinato, with a witty social satire where birds start discussing a secession from humans.

Michael Bruter (researcher)

Michael Bruter joined the London School of Economics in 2001 having previously been employed by the University of Houston (USA) and the University of Hull. Prof. Bruter received his undergraduate degree from the Institut d'Etudes Politiques of Bordeaux (France), two Masters from the Universities of Hull and Bordeaux, and his PhD from the University of Houston (USA). In addition to his position at the LSE, where he leads the ECREP initiative in Electoral Psychology, he is Adjunct Professor of political science at the Centre for the Study of Democratic Citizenship at McGill University in Montreal and Europa Fellow at the Australian National University.

Tuono Pettinato (artist)

Tuono Pettinato graduated at DAMS school (Bologna, Italy) and obtained a Master’s Degree in Children’s book publishing at Drosselmeier Academy. 
His comic strips have been published by Repubblica XL, Vice Magazine, Rolling Stone and ANIMAls. In 2009, his short stories were collected in the book Apocalypso (Coniglio Editore). 
In Italy he published several comic books for Rizzoli Lizard: bios of Garibaldi, Alan Turing and Kurt Cobain, "Non è mica la fine del mondo" with Francesca Riccioni, "Big in Japan" with Dario Moccia. Other books are "Corpicino" and "L’Odiario" for GRRRzetic and "OraMai" for Comics&Science. http://tuonopettinato.blogspot.com/